Friday, May 16, 2008

i am woman...

  • at least once a day, i feel lonely
  • i want to be appreciated, but not get the glory
  • i know i am loved
  • i feel fat
  • i love to see you smile
  • i have a love-hate relationship with myself
  • i am never finished
  • i love to laugh with my kids
  • i count my blessings everyday
  • i have a wild side
  • i feel stronger and wiser with everyday
  • i want to go away, far far away, but what would they do without me?
  • i am overdramatic
  • i can't imagine life without you

just being honest.....


GD said...

But you're not Helen Reddy!

Beth said...

It's really refreshing to hear such honesty!
And I'm kind of glad to know other women feel that way too.

KatieEWalters said...

honest and still really beautiful...i dont know if i could be that honest in my bullet points after a title of I am woman. i know one would include.....well yep I cant be that honest. I love you for it though! and loved our time together today!! K

Elena L said...

What a great reflection! I feel like that alot too-I think because we are women we are expected to wear many many hats and sometimes we are the ONLY one wearing a hat at all!!

Josh Walters said...

A few that you forgot...

- I love the open road.
- Driving my Rig.
- Meeting up with friends at the Flying-J
- And dipping strawberries in mustard.

Pat said...

We wear many hats are true. If you ever need to take any of them off and hand them off. Let us know.
Women wishes that it all can just go away for even 1 day. No one yelling for you. No one depending on you for anything. That problem is that it takes about 3 days before your mind stops racing. So- take time for yourself eveyday. Even if it is 15 is all about you sometimes!
Love ya-