Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i hate haters...

...does that make me a hater? maybe…
anyway, you know how haters hate you? they don’t want to see you succeed. they don't want what's best for you. they don't encourage you and make you feel good about yourself. noooo, they want to see you fall! they want to see you fail! they do everything they can to bring you down, to tear you down, to rip you off! they hate you! then there’s the hater of all haters...
do you know the devil is real? he's not some character in a book or movie, he's not some image someone created one day to scare you into being good and he's not walking around wearing little red under wear either. he is real and i’m here to tell you....he hates your guts!
i once met this couple whose job was to go into houses that had been foreclosed on and whose tenants had been evicted. their job was to clean them, repair them and return them to their original livable state. they tell me that this is a very difficult job to do because you see, once the tenants realize that they’ve lost the residence, they realize their time, money and investment is gone, that they no longer own this property, then they just don't care what happens to it anymore. they let it go to pot. more times than not, right before leaving, they even destroy it further! they break windows, put holes in the walls, ruin the floors, steal the appliances and on and on! they think, “if i can’t have it, then nobody’s going to have it!” see, satan is like that. he has been given residence here on the earth...freedom to reign the air; scripture calls him the prince of the air, eph. 2:2. but he knows it's just a matter if time. he knows he's been evicted...he knows his time is short so what does he do? right before he leaves for eternity he is going to attempt to destroy and steal the most valuable things that belong to the Owner…you and me.
john 10:10 says, “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” he's about bringing as much destruction to your life as possible and he plans to rob you of all joy, peace and hope in the process. he will distract you dead. by that i mean he will keep you so distracted with worry or despair and/or keep you so waist deep in sin that although you exist in this world, you walk around like the living dead. satan distracts you dead. so are you doomed? is this it? so this is why your life sucks and always will? no, because there is a but…and it’s a big BUT...
"I (Jesus) have come that you may have life"
satan might be the hater of all haters, the prince of the air, BUT i'm about to tell you about the Lover of all lovers...and the King of all kings.
james 4:7 says, "submit therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you."
you can resist satan and his plots and ploys against you. you can resist his attacks and attempts at your life. you can even resist him to the point that he flees. do you know what "to flee" means? to run if from danger or from means now he is the one who is scared! he has his little red tail tucked between his legs and he is getting out of! resist well, we certainly are not strong enough or even smart enough to resist this one on our own...go back to james 4:7 and read it again...don't miss it, "submit therefore to God.."
you can’t resist until you submit. satan isn't fleeing from YOU; he’s fleeing from the One who is IN you!
the demons know that name. they know what that name means. in james 2:19 it says they (the demons) shudder. do you know what shudder means? you know how you’re watching a movie and you're so engaged in the plot, it’s got your full attention, you’re on the edge of your seat and suddenly out of nowhere an image pops out on the screen and you about jump out of your seat and scream..popcorn flies everywhere, your heart is racing..."dang that just scared the 'bleep' out of me!" you know that feeling? it's shudder. my co-worker and friend kevin causes me to shudder all the time…i never hear him walk up behind me, or enter the room, or coming around the corner. i am always surprised by his presence to the point of shudder and exclamations! i’m always saying, “kevin, stop doing that to me!” he doesn’t mean to though, he says he even tries not to, but i guess he's just a ninja by nature....i don’t know. anyway, shudder, that's what the demons do at the name of Jesus. sometimes i just like to say His name and picture them in my head….Jesus (shudder) Jesus (shudder) Jesus! (flee) haha.
Jesus, name above all names...Jesus. say it with respect, in honor, in awe, in humility, in total reverence, belief and faith...not flippant, in vain, in arrogance or ignorance. satan isn't fleeing from that! he’s embracing it and laughing at you!
Jesus... "at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord." phil 2:10-11
there is power in that Name my friends.

the thief comes to destroy...don't live in destruction. the thief comes to steal...don’t allow Satan to rob you of your blessings and inheritance. the thief comes to kill...don't live dead.
submit and resist; know the power in Jesus’ name. He’s about restoration, recovery and resurrection. unlike my friends who simply clean up and repair property, Jesus actually makes us new again...not "like new" but brand new! get on your knees and confess it. shout out His name and receive Him. stand up today and... to live!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

their tribute to their dad...

...his girls have something to say.

Monday, February 28, 2011

one day...

...the first time i ever saw ricky, we didn't actually meet. i was at the ball field to watch the church softball team play. i was so annoyed at this guy sitting three rows back on the bleachers...i tell my friend, "oh my gosh, he's so obnoxious!" but he tells his friend, "see that girl right there? 'one day' i am going to marry her."
...and "one day" he did.

he recalls growing up with people, friends, loved ones telling him, "one day, you're going to end up in prison or dead." he says, "statistically, i should....but one day i met Jesus. no longer do i live according to man's statistics, now i live according to God's plan."

one day he became a pastor. he loved telling people he was a pastor; partially because he loved being a pastor, but mostly because he loved to see the shock on people's faces who knew him before...they'd say, "i never thought i'd see 'this day'!"

he loved to preach. people would always say, "'one day' you're going to preach to the masses!" this frustrated him, "why 'one day'?! why not 'today'?!"

one day he baptized our oldest daughter. another day he baptized the other.

one day he was up. one day he was down....always up, then back down.

many days...he was broken, fallen, weak, sorry, sick, recovering, reckless, determined, bold, angry and always fighting his way back.

never a day...that he didn't tell his girls he loved them. never a day that he wasn't forgiven, wasn't funny, lost hope or wasn't loved.

today...he knows. today he is healed. today he is with his dad and his Dad. today is forever.

if you know what he knew, if you know his heart's story, if you listened at will see him, laugh with him, love him again....

one day...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the roberts' remedy...

....the paper towel. more specifically, the wet paper towel.
as my children were growing up this was my cure all remedy. you have a fever? here's a wet paper towel. oh no, a scraped knee? here's a wet paper towel. that bug bite is itching and burning? a wet paper towel. everything from headaches, rug burns, smashed fingers, muscle aches, stumped toes, cuts, bruises, to runny noses, sun burn, chicken pox and even hurt feelings...the healing effects of the soothing wet paper towel made it all better. (this method also worked for cleaning dirty hands, dirty faces, messy counters, spills and hot sweaty feet)
today when my girls recall the paper towel days, they laugh. they think i was wacky and cheap. they think i lacked appreciation for commercial antidotes. while there is probably some truth to these assumptions, the benefits of using this form of medicine is not about the practicality, the cost effectiveness, or even the easy disposal...the best part was by far the application. this treatment wasn't always successful unless my arms were wrapped around them as i held the damp towel in place. the results weren't always positive if my voice wasn't calm and reassuring as i spoke words of comfort. and full recovery only occurred when i added gentle kisses and lots of love....and sometimes pizza.
one day they will likely practice this same technique. they will discover the secret. they will realize that behind something so seemingly simple like a paper towel lies something so much more meaningful. they will understand the power of a mommy's touch....
one wound at a time

Friday, January 28, 2011

the "expansion project"...'s how i've decided to embrace my "word of the year". as part of my "expansion" in 2011, i want to measure my development by exposing my self-revelations, lessons, and experiences in fuller openly express my passions, goals and desires...and to candidly confess my struggles, insecurities and weaknesses to you (whoever you are). i am calling this my "expansion project" because this year calls for such specific personal change, requires much action from me and most of all, gives testimony to God's undertaking of my future and growth.
although this "expansion project" is my method of measuring change and transformation in my life, it is my hope that as i "weigh in" each week or month this project somehow inspires you, encourages you and launches a desire to seek fresh direction in your life or perhaps even establish your own life project (that you'll share with me!).
so, stay with me...the project has taken off, His plan is in place and soon i will be...
stepping on the scales.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

first blog of the year begins...

with my word of the year; expand. definition - to stretch out; unfold; to express in fuller form or greater detail; develop...accompanied by my verse of the year; isaiah 40:31, "those that wait upon God will get fresh strength. they spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind."
i believe that 2011 is my year to soar. i don't even know what that looks like yet...the word is prophetic and it's only january. in spite of that, i can already see it taking shape. i can see God strategically putting me in situations that are and will expand my social network, my communication skills, my knowledge, relationships and exposure.

this year some of my goals are simple;

  • make more eye contact (i just don't do this enough!)
  • initiate more conversations with classmates, cashiers and "strangers" in general (i tend to just keep to myself!)
  • identify and rely on a mentor or mentors

some of my goals are obvious;

  • consciously maintain a healthy balance between home, school and work
  • maintain and improve my performance and duties at work
  • make all "a's" in school
  • intentionally "making memories" with my family and friends
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle with good foods and exercise
  • passionately live out spiritual disciplines

my main goal however is to pay attention and take advantage of every opportunity to expand. if it feels out of my comfort zone, i'm doing it. if it makes me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, i'm doing it. if it challenges me and makes me stronger, i'm doing it.

He's spreading my wings...

Thursday, September 2, 2010's about my word of the year