Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pushing the boundaries... boundaries, anyway.
looking back at 2009, i had a great year overall. a lot of fun times and making memories moments. it's almost like i took the year off just to play. it was exactly what i needed but in 2010 i want to take my life to a new dimension of living.

  • physically - getting serious about my health; eating and exercise. setting hard goals and pushing the limits...
  • spiritually - stop putting off Bible Study and reading materials and spending quality time praying and fasting. i want to make these things a priority and challenge myself to mature in my relationship with God.
  • relationships - i really like having just a few close friends that i trust and play with...but i also want to allow the friends i don't get to spend a lot of time with to get to know me in a new and different way. so, i am going to begin video blogs. i am still trying to figure out what that will look like but i only have a couple days if i want to start the year out doing it, so it may be a trial and error kind of thing...
  • education and future - going back to school is going to be hard. i want to be careful not to let the challenge and difficulty deter me but instead manage my time and push through it and work hard to accomplish and finish it.
  • financially - i just want to be a good steward of what God gives me.
  • work - i love working behind the scenes but i want to get out of my comfort zone and teach more and be in front of groups more often.

i want to stop saying "i can't" or "that's just not me". i want to push MY boundaries and change my world...!