Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the roberts' remedy...

....the paper towel. more specifically, the wet paper towel.
as my children were growing up this was my cure all remedy. you have a fever? here's a wet paper towel. oh no, a scraped knee? here's a wet paper towel. that bug bite is itching and burning? a wet paper towel. everything from headaches, rug burns, smashed fingers, muscle aches, stumped toes, cuts, bruises, to runny noses, sun burn, chicken pox and even hurt feelings...the healing effects of the soothing wet paper towel made it all better. (this method also worked for cleaning dirty hands, dirty faces, messy counters, spills and hot sweaty feet)
today when my girls recall the paper towel days, they laugh. they think i was wacky and cheap. they think i lacked appreciation for commercial antidotes. while there is probably some truth to these assumptions, the benefits of using this form of medicine is not about the practicality, the cost effectiveness, or even the easy disposal...the best part was by far the application. this treatment wasn't always successful unless my arms were wrapped around them as i held the damp towel in place. the results weren't always positive if my voice wasn't calm and reassuring as i spoke words of comfort. and full recovery only occurred when i added gentle kisses and lots of love....and sometimes pizza.
one day they will likely practice this same technique. they will discover the secret. they will realize that behind something so seemingly simple like a paper towel lies something so much more meaningful. they will understand the power of a mommy's touch....
one wound at a time