Friday, January 28, 2011

the "expansion project"...'s how i've decided to embrace my "word of the year". as part of my "expansion" in 2011, i want to measure my development by exposing my self-revelations, lessons, and experiences in fuller openly express my passions, goals and desires...and to candidly confess my struggles, insecurities and weaknesses to you (whoever you are). i am calling this my "expansion project" because this year calls for such specific personal change, requires much action from me and most of all, gives testimony to God's undertaking of my future and growth.
although this "expansion project" is my method of measuring change and transformation in my life, it is my hope that as i "weigh in" each week or month this project somehow inspires you, encourages you and launches a desire to seek fresh direction in your life or perhaps even establish your own life project (that you'll share with me!).
so, stay with me...the project has taken off, His plan is in place and soon i will be...
stepping on the scales.